BEST of 2014: Modern Rock TOP 20

So, here it is. The last of the five lists for this year. This is the Modern Rock Top 20 for 2014.

Again, as with the other lists, this list was compiled from airplay received on my show, listener requests, and other reviews that I’ve seen. The most important factor, though, is just how much I’ve personally played and loved the CD this year. Each of these are CD’s that I thought just stood above all others in this genre.

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This is the best modern rock, punk, and alternative sounding bands that released records this year. And with that said…

20) Firkin – Finger In The Pie


One of the best of the Celtic Punk CD’s to come out this year. This is a serious romp.

19) Mayday Parade – Monster In The Closet

Mayday Parade

Seriously infectious hooks and great vocals make this a winner. It’s hard not to bop your head along with this one.

18) Ammotrack – Raise Your Hands


What if Nickleback were a SERIOUS 80’s style hard rock band? They might sound like this. This is an ass kicker!

17) Euphoria Audio – Euphoria Audio

Euphoria Audio

I was sent over a couple songs by the band from their ep for airplay and was blown away! This CD takes it to the next level. One of the absolute BEST vocalists in all of rock music.

16) Rival Sons – Great Western Valkyrie

Rival Sons

The Rival Sons return with yet another kicking collection of retro style tunes done with a modern twist. Tons of big fat grooves here.

15) Billy Idol – Kings & Queens Of The Underground

Billy Idol

Who would have thought that Billy Idol would still be kicking ass well into his 60’s. This is a brilliant return to form for Idol and has some serious butt kickers on it. Probably the biggest surprise of the year for me.

14) Bad Drugs – Old Men Young Blood

Bad Drugs

Punk Music done the way it was designed to be done. Fast, loud, abrasive, and with just enough hooks in it to make large crowds rush to the pit. Their song “Your R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Cover Band Sucks” is easily the punk tune of the year for me. I find myself singing it in the most unlikely places and times.

13) RX Bandits – Gemini Her Majesty

RX Bandits

Mixing Funk Grooves with ska style vibes and hard rock vocals, RX Bandits really rock it out while making you want to smoke a fat one.

12) Otherwise – Peace At All Costs


Killer lyrics and amazing vocals make this release a real winner. Some of the best crafted tunes of the year here.

11) Shaka Ponk – The Black Pixel Ape (Drinking Cigarettes To Take A Break)

Shaka Ponk

The second of two CD’s that the band released this year, this has Rage Against The Machine style grooves laid over Hinder style vocals. Not to mention, the songs are just freaking catchy!

10) The Glorious Sons – The Union

The Glorious Sons

Cool modern rock in the Black Stone Cherry style with it’s own little vibe happening. A band to watch in the future. 

9) Emperors & Elephants – Devil In The Lake

Emperors & Elephants

The first time I heard this band I thought, “Holy crap, they sound like Mother Love Bone!” That made me want to listen more and I’ve become a huge fan. After many listens, the band is so much more than just that though. There’s a cohesiveness to these tunes that are rare to hear in today’s younger bands. I’m very eager to hear what they have in store for the next record. This is a MUST HAVE.

8) Justin Furstenfeld – Songs From An Open Book

Justin Furstenfeld

Few bands affect me like Blue October. The lead singer goes solo here on a huge collection of hits done acoustically and live. Live CD’s are always cool but this surpasses them all this year. There’s something so intense about seeing someone lay themselves bare at the alter of music.

7) Poets Of The Fall – Jealous Gods


Poets Of The Fall return with another solid collection of tunes done as only they can do them. Theatrical, indulgent, and over the top, the band draws you into their world and doesn’t let you go. On a normal year, this would have ranked higher, it’s just been one of those years.

6) Martel – Impersonator


It’s no secret that Freddie Mercury is my favorite all time vocalist and entertainer. Imagine my surprise upon seeing Marc Martel on youtube. The guy not only sounded like the second coming of Freddie, he could pass for his twin. On this collection of rockers though, Martel carves his own place in rock by combining that Freddie style with cool, rocking numbers with tons of grooves. Easily the best DEBUT of the year for me and I hope that Marc is around for many more years rocking it out.

5) New Medicine – Breaking The Model

New Medicine

This band had me hooked on the last CD and I was very happy to finally see them return with this monster record. Imagine if the Beastie Boys recorded a CD full of Sum 41 tunes…it might sound something like this. This is one bad ass party record right here. Crank it up and guarantee to piss off the neighbors! “World Class Fuck Up” and “One Too Many” are worth the price alone.

4) Davey Suicide – Worldwide Suicide

Davey Suicide

Combining Manson style vocals blasts with Murderdoll style guitar tracks, this band is one mean sounding unit. A killer CD with no filler at all. This is furious rock n roll.

3) Genuflect – A Rose From The Dead


Another band that broke up and made their return! I’m especially happy for this one as Genuflect has been one of my GO TO bands when I need something to really motivate me. This is a brutal, vicious return to form. It simply doesn’t get any meaner sounding. Easily the LOUDEST CD all year.

2) Set It Off – Duality


I really, really wanted to NOT like this band. “Why Worry” kicked in though and it was over. This one will have you dancing and clapping your hands to it. This is all the grooves!


And that brings us to the Number 1 spot….


1) Disciple – Attack


 Few bands can deliver with the power that Disciple does. Unashamedly Christian in every sense, this band let’s you know what they stand for and where they stand for it. This CD is no exception, from the opening note, this CD just wallops you up side the head. If you’re looking for cliches and guys in skinny jeans, you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for slamming rock tunes that you could play for your grandma and kids alike, you’ve found a winner!





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