My name is CJ Plain, also known as The Music God. I am the host of 2 internet radio shows, The Mental Metal Trivia Show and Gotcha Covered. Both are hosted at Firebrand Rock Radio. The Mental Metal Trivia Show can be heard each Thursday at Noon EST (5 pm UK Time). Gotcha Covered can be caught each Sunday at 2 pm EST (7 pm UK Time).

I am also a music reviewer.  If you’re an artist/band or represent one, you are welcome to submit your recorded works to be reviewed here.

Submissions can be sent to either musicgodmmts@gmail.com or musicgod@firebrandrr.co.uk or for the direct mailing address to submit physical copies.

Keep in mind that all reviews will be HONEST reviews, good or bad. I’m not in the business to hype up artists simply for the sake of it. I try to offer constructive criticism as necessarily and keep the reviews as positive as possible, but sometimes stuff is just bad and there’s not a nice way to put it.

Now, let’s get to Rawkin’


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