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I came across this band from a short blurb about them on another website. They peeked my interest due to who the band members were. NFO basically is the side project of Bjorn Strid, vocalist of Soilwork and Sharlee D’Angelo, bassist for Arch Enemy. What intrigued me is that both of these guys come from an extremely heavy metal background yet were calling the new band classic rock. Bjorn is known for his very aggressive vocal style, I just wasn’t sure how this was going to sound.

So, let see what we have on here:

1)  Siberian Queen: Starts with a Zeppelin style riff over a Blackmore style guitar riff. First thing I notice is that Bjorn can actually SING and not just roar like I’m used to hearing. This song could easily fit on any Deep Purple CD and even on a few Whitesnake ones. Great start to the CD.  Killer, rocking, guitar riff over some extremely tasty organ playing.

2) California Morning: This song is just infectious. An early Kiss era guitar riff over a song that will have you bobbing your head and tapping your feet. Drop the top on the car and cruise to this one. This has summer time jam all over it.

3) Glowing City Madness: Bjorn’s vocals really shine on this one. Almost a classic Elton John style song that really balances on the balance between the piano and rhythm section. Huge sounding vocals on this one.

4) West Ruth Ave: Imagine Foreigner doing a duet with the Bee Gees, that’s basically what you have here. Bottom line, it rocks. Great balance between the guitars and rhythm section with Bjorn really singing his butt off. This song would have been a monster hit in the 70’s and should be today as well. Just infectious as hell.

5) Transatlantic Blues: This one starts out mellow and builds as it goes along. Some tasty organ and a huge bass groove layered over some more Blackmore style guitars that really smoke in the middle. The middle breakdown section will have you banging your head in that classic Child In Time type of way. Jon Lord would be proud to play this one. Again, Bjorn’s vocals really shine.

6) Miami 5:02:  Very heavy drums and bass start off this rocker. This one has that “SPEED” stank all over it. Van Halen meets Deep Purple. Another song that would have been a monster hit in the 70’s or 80’s. Sharlee’s bass is just thunderous on this one. Watch for speeding tickets while this one is on.

7) Internal Affairs: Another Bee Gees turn rockers style tune. Get on up and shake them thangs. Great groove. Funky as hell.

8) 1998: This song is Bob Segar with some more stank on it. Catchy as hell and will be caught in your head after hearing it.  Another great rock song.

9) Stella Ain’t No Dove: weakest song here so far yet it’s NOT a weak song at all. This song just has a great groove to it and is another one that will have you putting the hood down and cruisin’ just for the sake of being able to rock this out to the masses.

10) Montreal Midnight Supply: Another Deep Purple style tune but with a Detroit Rock City style bass groove in it. Reminds me of a really great .38 Special tune but I can’t recall which one. Just another absolutely killer tune.

11) Green Hills of Grumslöv: Musically, this tune reminds me of ’39 by Queen but with a different kind of vocal. A great “I’m Coming Home” type of song. I’m going to be getting some serious speeding tickets with this one.

12) American High: What a way to end the CD. Huge groove rocker with more killer vocals and some great guitar playing. Very awesome breakdown in the middle of the song.

CONCLUSION: I seriously was NOT expecting this when I first heard about this CD. This CD rocks from beginning to end. There’s simply not a bad song on this thing. Hands down, the best CD of the year, bar none. These songs are amazing, rock in all the right places, show tons of personality, and are just downright infectious as hell. I truly hope this isn’t just a one off thing. Whatever you do, GET THIS CD.

SCORE: 10 out of 10

STANDOUT TRACKS: California Morning, West Ruth Ave, Transatlantic Blues, Miami 5:02