Dirty Basement Blues – Coming Clean CD Review

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I was first introduced to this band by a mutual friend on Facebook. It was another review that led to me asking them for a copy of the CD, so I could play it on my radio show. Joe and Frank happily obliged, thus leading me to this point.

Dirty Basement Blues are a Waterford, MI based, 5 piece Blues Rock band much in the vein of Joe Bonamassa or early Free. The band has been together for a couple of years now and really seems to have hit their stride here.

The record starts on a high note with the singer creating a Paul Rodgers vibe with the opener “When I’m Free” before the organ and guitar kick in. This is a perfect example of modern day blues. “Coming Home” rides a thumping bass line and funky keys through the song giving it that real Memphis sound. The band kicks the guitar up a notch on “Get Up” before the breakdown in the middle of the tune that leads to some very Jon Lord style organ playing that will definitely have you thinking Deep Purple. Joe also lays down a very sexy guitar solo over it to take it to the next level.

So goes the rest of this record with over the top, classy songs that really make you sit up and say wow! This is one local band that is ready for the next level. They are a band that has taken all the Detroit style influences they’ve grown up on and built it into one bad ass machine.

Take notice world, Dirty Basement Blues is here to rock your faces off and show you how the blues can be played in a variety of styles. Wether you prefer the blues from Chicago, Memphis, Mississippi, or some other place, there’s plenty here to satisfy that hunger. This record is a winner on every level. The only thing I can say about this record that may be a negative to some people is that the songs can be a bit lenghty is spots. This is NOT your cookie cutter, 3 minute tunage.

This is highly recommended for anyone that like blues based tunes or just wants to try something a little different from the mass media garbage that the radio feeds you on a daily basis.


1) When I’m Free
2) Coming Home
3) Get Up
4) You Cursed Me
5) Opinionated Blues
6) Nail Driver
7) Just Like Poison
8) Back Of My Eyes
9) Blues To You
10) Walk In My Shadow


Frank Grimaldi – Vocals
Joe Stanley – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Conley – Drums
Bryan Miller – Bass
Pete Zajicek – Keys/Vocals



CJ “Music God” Plain


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