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Best of 2014: The Explanation

So, 2014 has now officially come and gone. It’s time for me to countdown the BEST of 2014 music releases. I debated for a while how to go about doing this. There were so many amazing music releases this year. If I had just made a general list, I felt like very deserving music was going to get left off the list.

I decided the best way to ensure that did not happen was to make multiple lists according to genres and then breaking it down even further within those genres.

This year, you’re going to be getting FIVE lists:

* Hard Rock

* Heavy Metal/Thrash

* Modern Rock/Alternative

* Country/Bluegrass/Americana

* Blues/Southern Rock


I did a Top 20 List for each.

My criteria for the lists was pretty straight forward. I did NOT include any ep’s, singles, or short form CD’s. They had to be full length releases, released within the year of 2014, and contain a majority of NEW music from the artist. I did NOT take record sales into account. It’s based strictly what I felt were the best musical releases of the year. The majority were CD’s that I listened to constantly throughout the year or were just brilliant releases musically.

As with anything else, these lists are strictly MY opinion. You don’t have to agree and you’re free to create your OWN lists. Just please be respectful and make sure your comments are well thought out.

With that said…