Adam Lambert – Trespassing Review

So, let me start this review by pointing out that I am NOT an Adam Lambert fan. I was not impressed by his American Idol run nor did I like his first CD. With that said, I made a promise to a friend, whom happens to be a Glambert of the first degree, that I would listen to this CD objectively and give it a fair shot.

So, with that said, let’s see what we have here.

1) Trespassing: A really great sounding, catchy track that mixes modern dance beats with a rock track that just screams Another One Bites The Dust.

2) Cuckoo: Huge beat with a great vocal. Almost has a Michael Jackson-ish vocal styling a la Billie Jean. This one should definitely be big in clubs.

3) Shady: Songs starts with a HUGE beat that almost sounds like a cross between Foreigner’s JukeBox Hero and some Steve Wonder style funk. Once again, another huge sounding song that should be a hit in clubs. The production quality so far is top notch.

4) Never Close Our Eyes: Adams vocals really shine here. He sings this in an almost Savage Garden Darrin Hayes way, weaving flawlessly between the raspy low end of the verses into the sustained higher notes on the choruses. Great tune with another huge dance style beat.

5) Kickin’ In: I’m hearing some Prince influence all over this one. The beat is another huge sounding groove but it’s funky as hell as well. Once again, Adam weaves between the high and low end vocals without missing a note.

6) Naked Love: Another big sounding song. Not my favorite but I don’t hate it either.

7) Pop That Lock: Big sounding song but I can’t help but feel this has been done a hundred times by other artists. Definitely think this one should have been left to someone less talented than Adam.

8) Better Than I Know Myself: The first slow song on the CD. Big backing beat with a great vocal delivery. Once again, delivered without all the over-singing that I hate in pop singing.

9) Broken English: Another slower song with a big vocal delivery by Adam. Again, another song that I think could have been left off without really being missed. Has some cool dub elements mixed throughout though.

10) Underneath: Slower song that once again screams of an almost Darren Hayes style vocal delivery. Adam sounds really great here. His vocals really shine with only sparse keyboard backing throughout.

11) Chokehold: Great song delivery here. The bass/guitar mix is perfectly laid over a sultry, raspy style vocal by Adam. Definitely a radio hit in here somewhere on this one.

12) Outlaws Of Love: Another almost Savage Garden style delivery here. Adam really lets his voice shine here. Great restrained style vocal laid over a sparse style drum track.

13) Running: wow! just wow! My favorite track by far, thus far. Superb vocal delivery here over a track that just swirls around you like a tornado. This will definitely make it’s way into the playlist for my radio show. The dub style flair at the end just puts it totally into the stratosphere.

14) Take Back: Another huge sounding beat with a classic Adam vocal on it. I can definitely see this one making its way to the clubs as well.

15) Nirvana: Great song to end the CD. A really great mix of singing, electronic elements, and a really cool sounding drum track. Lyrics are very cool on this song especially.

Conclusion: Overall, a really great CD by Adam and his band. My biggest knock against Adam was his habit of over-singing on songs in the past. He has almost entirely avoided that here opting instead for a more laid back yet still dead on style that flawlessly weaves between his subtle, raspy low end and his ability to hit notes most singer couldn’t dream of. I love that this CD has a huge Darren Hayes/Savage Garden style to it. And please, do NOT take that as me saying Adam is copying Darren’s style. I mean that in a VERY POSITIVE light/way. While there are a few songs here that I think could/should have been left off, this CD really has a great number of songs that impress even me, one of his biggest critics. This has monster hit written all over it and it should have. This has flawless production throughout with a great mix of rock, pop, electronica, and dance.

Thanks to Lacy Carper for making me listen to this.  Adam should reward you for helping convert a non-believer.

Kudos Mr. Lambert, Kudos. You’ve made me believe.

SCORE: 7.5 of 10 (lose tracks 6,7, & 9 and this jumps up to a perfect score.)

STANDOUT TRACKS: Running, Chokehold, Shady, Cuckoo

EDIT: It’s been pointed out to me that the musicians that played on this CD are NOT the same ones that play in Adam’s touring band. I was not aware of this at the time. I’m new to the whole world of Adam so thanks to those that pointed out my mistake. Also, keep in mind that I don’t think the tracks I named are BAD songs, just songs that I think would be suited for someone else. With all that said, thanks to everyone for making this go viral and being so awesome. You guys/gals rock!


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82 responses to “Adam Lambert – Trespassing Review

  • ℓαcy cαяpeя-cαmαcho (@LacyRakastan)

    I definitely agree with you on tracks 6, and 7. ESPECIALLY, 6. I don’t know why but many Glamberts LOVE that song, and I don’t know why. It leaves me with nothing at all when I hear it. It’s just too cheesy/poppy. Now, I love Broken English… it’s in the top 3 for me!

    I’m thrilled that you like this album and that you listened to it objectively and were impressed by it. Adam worked his ass off on this album, and we’ve been waiting 2 years for this! It’s well worth the wait.

    Top 5 for me:

    1. UNDERNEATH – His vocals are just flawless here, gives me chills.
    2. Broken English – It’s just… a good solid song, plus one to have sex to. LMAO.
    3. Kickin’ In – Totally reminds me of MJ. Not sure which song, but damn, it has MJ written all over it for me.
    4. Shady – Nile Rogers was BRILLIANT on this song, it’s just a jam!
    5. Cuckoo – It’s pure awesome.

    And Adam co-wrote 12 of the tracks. So proud of him. Never Close Our Eyes is a Bruno Mars song that he gave to Adam.

    There is also going to be 2 more tracks coming on the UK release in July, once I get my hands on them, I will let you know.

    Thanks again for this awesome review. I really hope this shoots him to super stardom.

  • cindypratiwi

    Great review! Thanks for being really objective about this whole thing, your sincerity shows! Cheers!
    – a hardcore Glambert.

  • Barb

    I think your review is very fair. No one is perfect. However this CD reminds me of “The Moody Blues” in it’s cohesivness. I think that is what I like most about it. It is well thought out and personal Like Adel’s last CD. When something is about ones life it has meaning and well when sang by todays best Males singers it is just amazing.

    • Auditory Slam

      I agree. As I stated my biggest complaint with Adam was his tendency to try to turn everything into a Gospel song. Here though, he shows a real constraint, perfectly going from low to high with really overdoing either. Either way, The CD is amazing.

      • Bruce Bing

        I don’t think he can help it. I think he was born with theatricality running through his veins and that’s why Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen tapped him to front Queen on a summer European tour. What you don’t see anywhere in the pop/rock world is a male artist who is theatrical. All the females are but what’s lacking nowadays are the Freddie Mercury’s, I’ve seen Queen live three times in the past when Freddie was still alive. That guy could sing and put on an incredible show. The male singers nowadays just stand there with a guitar or if they are pop they lip synch and dance. What’s missing is a showman and I think Lambert is a showman. So I’ll take someone turning everything into a gospel song over putting me asleep any day.

      • glamity58

        I don’t know who you are exactly, but I do love you!!! Well I love your review anyway. No CD is perfect, and I agree that a couple songs could be left off. Now I wonder if you’ll really play any of this music. I hope you will. Adam has worked so hard and travels to stations all over the country and yet he gets no respect or airplay. Someday I hope that changes. With people like you willing to listen to his work, there is hope. I love your friend for getting you to listen. I am a huge fan and appreciate your honesty.

      • Auditory Slam

        Thanks. Lacy is amazing. She’s made me change my way of thinking about a few things over the years that I’ve known her.

        And I absolutely WILL play his songs. It’s only internet radio, but it’s got to start somewhere right?

        Thanks for reading and for the comment.

    • glamity58

      Barb, interesting mention of the Moody Blues. I love them and go to their concerts every chance I get. I agree that no CD is perfect, not even Adele’s. And it was great. I think that Adam deserves alot of credit for producing this album. I think he has a future in music either way you cut it. I was hoping my CD would come early, but I’ll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday I guess.

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    • lovingadam1031

      There you two go again why be negative about this album by saying some songs should have been left off? Thought you were real fans? Guess not.

      • Auditory Slam

        OK, Nobody is being negative. I gave the CD a very positive review. Remember that music is subjective. Not everyone has to like the same thing. It doesn’t make anyone LESS of a fan simply because they don’t like a particular song.

        And I can assure you that Lacy is a REAL fan. What she is NOT is a sheeple that simply buys into everything blindly.

      • lovingadam1031

        Auditory Slam: my comment was meant for the person/s I replied to not you. Believe me that particular person/s has a history of criticizing his music unfairly but same time pretending to be a die hard fan. There is much more to this than you know. Yes you did give it a positive review. My only concern is why do Adam fans have to pick apart his album by saying certain songs should be left off? How is that helping him get sales it might make some non-fans hesitant to buy it. Just saying we can say what songs are favorites but not make those kind of statements publicly. Music critics can do that because it’s their profession.

  • Lee

    I see 6 as a great, fun summer song, So I’m glad it’s the CD. I LOVE 7, it is my jam!
    different strokes I guess. Now with 9 I would have switched it with Runnin because I don’t understand why Runnin is a bonus song! Thanks for listening with a open mind!!!

  • lovingadam1031

    I enjoyed reading your review of TSP but I can’t agree with you’re three least favorites. I think Naked Love is such a fun dance song and easy to sing along. I love seeing Adam perform it on Kimmel Live. It’s got sexual undertones but song isn’t about sex it’s about real genuine love. Pop That Lock is a favorite among people who are not even Glamberts and Broken English is a very personal song to Adam and another favorite of Glamberts in general. I have a music background and honestly think the overall production of this album is close to flawless. If I were not a fan I’d still give this album a 9/5 stars. After all isn’t it about individual taste. I think Adam’s vocals make every song unique and more interesting than if someone else had attempted to sing them.

  • Janne

    As you seem to be a Darren Hayes fan, perhaps you’re an Aussie or a Brit?
    I’m a huge fan of Adam’s and a big fan of songs 6 – Naked Love and 7 – Pop That Lock – love them both and I’m glad they’re included on Adam’s Trespassing album. I’m not a fan of 9 – Broken English – but I love most of the other songs. To each his/her own.

    • Auditory Slam

      I’m actually a pure bred Michigan, USA boy. I AM a HUGE Darren Hayes fan though and think a lot of the singing on this album has that same quality, not so much that Adam sounds like him.

      Thanks for reading and the comment.

  • Benje

    Like the review, LOVE Trespassing, can’t stop pushing repeat on the playing it, but one note, there is no band on this album, lol, it’s only Adam’s music, back up musicians only come in for live performance!

  • Whatever

    Thanks for this wonderful review! As much as I love to read reviews by people I know are already fans, I love reading reviews like this even more. Broken Open is a favorite of a lot of hardcore fans partly because we know how personal the song is to Adam and his boyfriend. I also just find it to be a very sexy song but to each their own 😉 Thanks again!

  • Radio Robby

    Even with the tracks that you might remove, the fact is that there is not a bad song on this CD. I’m a bit biased, because I’m a big Adam fan; so the fact that this positive review comes from someone who was not a fan makes it even better, and perhaps more credible. Adam took more time putting this one together. That element, plus utilizing what he’s learned along the way, are evident. Great job, Mr. Lambert!

  • Aislinn

    It’s fantastic to see a review from someone who’s not already a massive Glambert. I agree with pretty much everything you said here, and was thrilled to see your reference to Prince when talking about Kickin In – that one screams Prince to me. I hear Duran Duran notes in several of the songs as well. I’m not very familiar with Savage Garden, but I’m going to go find some of their stuff to listen to now! Like Barb, one of the things I find most impressive is the cohesiveness of the album, the way it takes us on such a personal journey. Your favorites are mine as well, with the exception that I would put Underneath in front of all of them(or behind Runnin, depending on my mood – killer song!). I also agree with dropping 6 and 7, but I do like Broken English a lot.

    Another thing that impresses me (with a few exceptions) is the production. Too much of pop music is WAY overproduced these days, with continuous autotuning. While these tracks are heavily produced, and a few fall into the pop vice of overproduction,a lot of them surprised me with how well the production fit the song and still allowed Adam’s greatest strength – that stellar voice – to shine.

    Thanks for giving the album a listen, and for the honest impressions.

    • Auditory Slam

      Thanks for reading and the comment. I agree.

      Definitely check out Savage Garden as well as Darren’s solo stuff. Not quite as dance-ish as some of this stuff, but many of the same vocal qualities. One of the best voices in music, IMHO.

  • Barbara Schneier

    This review is especially great to see as it is by a non Adam Fan that has become a convert due to Adam’s new album Trespassing. I also love that it is a thorough, thoughtful review, Thanks Lacy for bringing Auditory Slam around to reviewing it. All I as a fan want is for people to listen and judge for themselves, This is the first album that I have loved every single song. Underneath tears me to shreds and forget Runnin! The biggest surprise and have become addicted to it!!

  • cmmutch

    Thanks for the great review! I’ve been waiting for this CD and am completely thrilled with the whole thing! My absolute favorite is Runnin!

  • Jules

    Thank you for a well structured review – even though you dissed one of my favorite tracks ‘Pop that Lock’ !!!!! Agree 100% about ‘Runnin’ :))

  • TLS

    Thank you for your honest review! Appreciate it! I totally love Runnin too. And I have noticed it seems to be at the top of many peoples list. It should have been one of the main tracks instead of Better Than I Know Myself. Adams’ vocals are are one of a kind. Thanks again!

  • kacey

    Don’t lose 9 Pleaseee, I freaking LOVEE broken english !!! ❤

  • lissygurl

    Loving this album. I think Adam Lambert has outdone himself with this one. He’s deff getting my cash once it drops, since I’m absolutely gonna need hq audio of these tracks on my ipod.

  • needacoke

    Thanks for a great review!

  • Pam Hart

    Thank you for your fair review. It means so much that it changed the mind of a non-fan. My least favorites are the ones he didn’t co-write: BTIKM, NCOE, and NL. My absolute favorite is Runnin’. I can’t even explain what that song does to me. I can listen to it repeatedly and not tire of it, but instead feel uplifted. I just marvel at the vocals, that it is actually a pop singer who is singing it. I think that is the smash hit he’s been looking for but sadly, it is a bonus track and will most likely not ever be a single. But if you could play it on your radio show, that would be great.

    Thanks again for being open-minded and giving Adam a chance. Out of curiosity, was there not one American Idol performance that you liked? I thought Tracks of My Tears was very subdued and the vocals on A Change Is Gonna Come was flawless. I also thought Whole Lotta Love was phenomenal.

    • Auditory Slam

      Truthfully, I only seen a couple of his performances and then the whole “IMAGE” thing exploded and just kind of was a bit much. Lacey was persistent that I listen to this with an open mind and I did. I’m glad for it too. I agree with you on Runnin’. That song has monster written all over it and I will definitely be playing it, whether it truly fits the format or not. LOL

      Thanks for reading

  • adamdevotee

    Really love this review, especially coming from the starting point where you declare your anti-glambertness LOL. I don’t have any songs on this album that I don’t like, and pretty much love the 3 tracks you could have lived without, but music is subjective. However, I smiled at your not digging Pop That Lock, but said it should have been done by somebody less talented than Adam, so still a big compliment for the artist, if not the song. I can’t stop listening to this album, from the Queen inspired “Tresspassing” to the ethereal lullaby “Nirvana.” This album will be on repeat for a long time to come and I have to agree with Runnin. His vocal range from low to high, 2 1/2 octaves, is insane! I’ve been a devotee since the start, so it’s nice to see converts discovering the genius talent we’ve followed & supported from the start.

  • Leslie

    I like your review. I have a couple more dislikes than you do, but that has more to do with my taste in music and production than it has to do with Adam, who I think brings more to a live performance than a recording anyway.

    For the record, this CD is not by Adam and his band. It’s by Adam and 20+ songwriters including proven hit-makers like Claude Kelly, Bruno Mars, & Bonnie McKee and over 10 producers all of whom have already made a name for themselves in pop music: Dr. Luke, Parrell Williams, Benny Blanco, and one of my favorite producers (though maybe not as well known) Robert Marvin. None of Adam’s past or current band members were part of the writing process or production of the album, and none of them played on any of the tracks. So – you know – just to make that clear.

  • outonpluto

    Really appreciate your track by track review – so much more fun that way. Have a likin’ for “Pop that lock” – just gets you moving. “Runnin” is just mindblowing – keep listening over and over and just saying damn to myself. Great album and ending it with Nirvana which takes you to another place – dreaming in outer space – genius.

  • tomisina

    great review but I had to lololol at the “and his band” comment. the musicians on the album are not the same as his touring backing band. he doesn’t have a “band” per se. he is a solo artist. the backing band members, for the most part, have changed quite a bit.

    but I always like to hear the perspective of a non-fan. I appreciate that you were open to listening to it without preconceived notions.

  • LW

    Great review. Adam is so polarizing its hard to have people judge him without bias – either way – so I really enjoyed your insight into the tracks.

    I actually agree almost 100% with you on the good tracks, what my favorites are as well as those that could have been left off. I do like Broken English though and really only the wailing bridge that comes out of no where makes it less of a favorite.

    It is odd to me that the last three are only bonus tracks as I agree Running is amazing and probably my favorite track. The lyrics to Nirvana and the sound of it are beautiful, I love that the album ends on a hopeful and soothing note. I suspect I’ll enjoy the production more with the actual CD vs the online stream.

    I suspect in the past Adam felt the need to prove himself and tended to go for gold on every note so that he ended up over singing.

    Here it feels like he relaxed a little and focused as much on the material and the effort very much paid off.

  • Linda

    Lesley, actually Adam’s guitarist Tommy Ratliff did play on Cuckoo, it’s in the liner notes. Other than that, no one else from the band played in the album.

    Auditory Slam, I really liked your review because it was about the music, which is so refreshing. For myself, the two of the tracks Adam didn’t write are my least favorite, Better Thank I Know Myself, and the new single Never Close Our Eyes. I would have much preferred Runnin and Take Back to have been placed in the main album instead of those. Broken English he wrote for his Finnish boyfriend, so it gets to stay 🙂 That being said, the whole album is so cohesive that I love it all.
    I can’t say enough about Runnin, I eat, sleep and dream it.
    It’s nice to read an objective review from a non-stan, because you know we’ll like the CD even if it’s Adam singing the phonebook. lol

  • Julie Andersen

    I LOVE,LOVE LOVE “Naked Love”! I think it should be the next single. If I had to pick the weakest links,I`d have to say “Broken English” and “Pop That Lock”……Though I do love those too 🙂

  • Linda

    No worries 🙂
    Forgot to mention there will be two extra tracks on the UK version, called “By The Rules” and “Map”, but that isn’t being released until July 2nd.

  • Mary P.

    Thank you for a great review! I’m with you on Runnin. Don’t understand why it was a Bonus track. I keep it on repeat!!

  • Sonja

    Wow, what a great review of a great album, especially coming from a non-fan. I love your analysis of the songs and think you are dead on, however, I do love Pop that Lock. I think that’s a great track and I’ve listened to it over and over. It’s just fun and empowering. I totally agree with you on Runnin’. Wow, what a powerful song that really showcases his amazing vocal range! Can’t get enough of that one! I hope this album gets Adam the recognition he so deserves. He worked hard on this and co-wrote most of the songs as well as executive produced it. He draws inspiration from his strong pop male artist influences like MJ, Prince, George Michael keeping the rock vibe in there too (a la Queen) and masterfully weaves something new and fresh and very Adam into it, with lots of current sounds. I love it. Thanks for the great review.

  • Illyria

    Hey I loved this review! You’re a really good writer, and it’s cool to hear the opinions of someone who wasn’t already a fan. Thanks for writing it! 🙂

  • Bren *♪☆♫♪♥☆ (@FoxVegas)

    Thanks for your honesty! That’s refreshing in the music review industry…most reviewers don’t take the time to give a new album a decent listen, so it’s amazing to read your review and realize that you actually listened to Adam’s new album! “/” Yay, you!!!

    Underneath is a raw, emotional peel-back of the skin to view the pain underneath. It’s tear-inducing, every time I listen to it. To have an artist expose their inner core so believably like this is a small miracle in the industry today.

    I think this sophomore album will blow the cover off the psyche of an artist of Adam’s superstar status and allow the world to see he’s just like the rest of us.
    Bravo, M’sieur Lambert! You done goooood!

  • canadiann

    Great, well thought out and well-written review. I agree that Adam has really done himself proud with this album. The fact that he executive produced the album himself, delivered an essentially flawless vocal on every track plus co-wrote most of the songs is a testament to his capabilities and bodes well for his longevity in the industry. He’s definitely not a puppet or a flash-in-the-pan type of artist. IMO, he is shaping up as a force to be reckoned with in the music world. From the snippets released earlier, I was most excited about “Underneath” and “Shady”. Now that I’ve listened to the entire album (too many times to count), “Underneath” is still my fav but “Runnin” came totally out of left field and smacked me upside the head. It definitely vies with “Shady” as my second favorite. On my initial listen to “Runnin” my reaction was “WTF?” I was astounded then and I still am every time I listen to that track. What an INCREDIBLE voice the man has! Un-fu*king-real!!!. I enjoy every song on the album but I totally agree that “Runnin” deserved a spot on the regular album. It’s way, way too incredible for “bonus song” status.

  • Marguerite (@margcellent)

    This is a very fair and well written review. I agree with your statement that it would be a better album without Tracks 6, 7 and 9. However, I would also add Track 12 to that list. Although I understand it is a matter of personal taste, I’ve only been able to listen all the way through this song one time. Each time I try I become bored and a bit exasperated with it before the end. Otherwise, I think the album is fantastic and the rest of the tracks are on my daily playlist. I’m especially loving Underneath, Running, Shady and Kickin’ In the most. It’s always reassuring to see what you feel about an album reflected in someone’s impartial review. Thanks.

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  • EvelynAguilar

    Thanks for an honest review of Adam´s baby. I love to read reviews that appreciate his talent and his hard work. Adam really deserves more credit and more fame than he currently has. A lot of artists would like to hit the notes effortlessly just like Adam does. Thanks once again.

  • Cynthia

    Thanks for the great review. There are so many favorites here for me, but I agree with you on Naked Love, not being my favorite. It sounds too elementary to the rest of the album. I do however like Pop That Lock, it does sound little bit done before, but it’s really catchy. I think the bridge on the Broken Open doesn’t really flow. I thought the song jump to another. Having said that, this is an amazingly cohesive and well thought out album that deserves many accolades and I truly hope it gets exactly that.

  • Tar

    The fact that you were not an early follower makes this a very interesting read. Thrilled with your honest objective review that glows as much as it would if a hardcore fan wrote it. What a great service your writing provides for all of us that wonder what it looks like from outside of glamnation. Thank you for this.

  • chris

    THANK YOU for acknowledging this great talent. Adam is simply addicting. I am thankful that you — as a writer and “non fan” — recognized and noted the many reasons why. Of course he’s gorgeous (sigh) …but more than that, he is truly an awesome singer and performer.

  • Rema

    Thank you so much for being open minded and giving Adam a chance!We that have loved him from day one know what an amazing talent he is!We support him so fiercely because he really does not get a fair shack at all.He sings rings around 100% of todays pop singers yet can not get a break on the radio.We are going crazy over Trespassing, he told us it would be worth the wait and boy he wasn’t kidding. He was in charge of every aspect and we can hear him in every note!Thank you for listening and giving your honest opinion!

  • Chris Y

    I didn’t see the Darren Hayes/SG influences before I read this but now that you mentioned it … it’s become more obvious. I know Adam borrowed from the 90s but I thought it was more generic. Will go listen again (Affirmation was my fave album for a while). And if you think you’re a believer now – watch him LIVE!! Yes, there’s a bit of over-singing but it’s always pitch perfect and the energy is AMAZING!

  • ℓαcy cαяpeя-cαmαcho (@LacyRakastan)

    WOW!~ Look at you go CJ! 🙂 I had no idea it’d blow up like this, I think the fact that you posted this on AdamOfficial got you most of the views. I tweeted about it, but people like to ignore me lmao. 😀 This is awesomeeee.

  • Rhonda

    Oh thank god! it is SO gratifying to see such an objective and glowing review from a former non-fan. So many like to write off the Glamberts as lunatics. Of course Glamberts think he’s gorgeous, but it’s all about the TALENT. With the exception of’s homophobic smear (there is a mob of angry comments over there, many of which are not hardcore Glamberts), there are many enthusiastic reviews cropping up, and not necessarily from Glamberts. We need to keep hearing from the converts! Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful review.

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  • RhaChaCha

    Kickin’ In – Like it
    Better Than I Know Myself – Like it
    Never Close Our Eyes – Love it
    EVERYTHING ELSE: Love, Love, Love it!!!

    As for your non-favorites:
    *I’ll agree that Naked Love is less complex and kinda cutesy, but I can’t help but love it. Fun and playful, great beat, and easy to sing along to. Could be a great summer hit.

    *True that Pop That Lock is a very “busy” track with a lot going on. Some see that as too much clutter, I see it is a crazy rockin jam to blast out the stereo and just get lost in the pounding evergy. If every track were this over the top then yeah, it would get old. But I think it’s a great bombastic finale to the dance half of the album.

    *Broken English really got under my skin after a couple listens. Obviously it’s about relationship communication issues, but “Broken English” also has a double meaning because Adam’s Finnish boyfriend is not a native english speaker. Very thoughtful, personal song. For some strange reason this reminds me of one of George Michael’s slower songs, but for the life of me I can’t remember which one.

    Just a difference in taste, I guess. But wow – 12 out of 15 songs “perfect!” Now that’s a glowing review!

  • RedRoseQueen1 (@RedRoseQueen1)

    Thanks so very much for this review Auditory. And thanks to Lacy as well! Even though you gave the album 7.5/10 (which is still quite respectable) your honest non-Glambertized opinion actually is very refreshing.
    My husband is a musician/singer who sang lead for a cover band in the late ’70’s into the 80’s (12 years total) and covered songs from some of the best (Journey, Golden Earring, Moody Blues, Black Sabbath, etc.) I tell you this so that you can understand why he loves Lambert’s vocals (as do I!) We’ve met him and watched him perform live EIGHT times so far. We’re looking forward to going to a few of his concerts when he tours for Trespassing also.He is totally UNBELIEVABLE live, trust us!
    As far as MY faves from Trespassing…the title track as well as “Shady” and “Cuckoo” are a few. I also adore “Runnin” and don’t understand why it was only a bonus track.And “Underneath” is lyrically and melodically breathtaking, IMHO.
    I don’t dislike ANY of them really…I just like some more than others.But trust me my friend…what he does to them live will blow your mind. He’s much more rock than pop live and I can’t wait to hear him jam on the funky ones, lol!Thanks again!

    • Auditory Slam

      Thanks for the read and the comment. I did give it a 7.5 and now that I’ve lived with for another week, it’s actually grown on me even more and I would probably give it a 8.5 now.

      I might check him out live if he comes around to Michigan anywhere in the future. Definitely might be worth braving the crowds over. LOL

      • LW

        wow you got so many replies, LOL we Glamberts are excitable haha. I just wanted to address your comment here to say YOU MUST see him live, no joke. There is something very unusual about Adam’s voice that makes him actually sound better live than recorded, something I have never heard of before. I love concerts and so understand the live experience has its own unique joy but his live voice is BETTER, its really weird. An opera writer actually went to a show and did a whole article on it, it was interesting but too technical for me so I still cant say what it is but i think a person “in the biz” like yourself would really appreciate it.

        PS Im embrassed to say I didnt really know Darren Hayes so checked him out, I think I do hear what you were saying, plus damn he’s good, listening to Stupid Mistake right now….gonna check out more..thanks

      • Auditory Slam

        I totally understand what you’re saying. There’s artists where you simply can’t capture their ‘energy’, per se, on a record. I could name you a list of people like that.
        Eric Sardinas comes to mind. Blues musician of the FIRST order. You just can’t capture his live energy on a recording. I’ve heard the same about Adam from a lot of people now so I will definitely be doing what I can to see him live at some point.

        And yeah, Darren is amazing. It’s not so much that Adam sounds like Darren as much as the songs just have that very complete full quality that Darren is known for. I think a duet between the 2 would just be utterly insane.

  • Susan~Sporran (@susansporran)

    Welcome, convert! I appreciate your taking the time to listen to Adam’s new music though you didn’t care for what he’s done before. This goes to show just how subjective our musical ears can be. One of my favorite tracks is Pop That Lock, though I do get why some people don’t rank it among the best on the CD, while Kickin’ In is probably my least favorite. Though two of my top 3 are Runnin’ and Underneath and we seem in agreement there.
    But if everyone loved the same music there would be no variety and no artists would ever take a risk and try something new.

  • Jerrell Piurkowski

    I simply want to tell you that I’m very new to blogs and certainly liked you’re web blog. Very likely I’m likely to bookmark your website . You actually come with terrific well written articles. Kudos for revealing your web site.

  • Adam Lambert Brasil | A sua maior e melhor fonte brasileira sobre o cantor! » Blog Archive » Mais Reviews de “Trespassing” Pela Mídia Internacional

    […] Francisco Chronicle David Atlanta Magazine Auditory Slam Houston Chronicle Dave DiMartino, Music Canada Just Like Jerry Evoke Online Album Confessions Radio […]

  • Zenber1 (@Zenber1)

    I somehow missed this review before, but really appreciate your honesty, that you gave it a try, and that you loved it like I do!! Thanks and nice review!

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