Ideas For Logos

So, in case you don’t know, I’m re-vamping everything for my shows. Again. I know, back and forth is getting silly. decided to try and screw me so I told them to stuff their account. I’m going to find a new provider. In the meantime, I’m just going to do my shows in a podcast style format. It’ll be easiest right now due to time constraints and the recent move that we made.

With that said, I am looking for new stations/networks that might be interested in carrying my shows. Show information is as follows:

1) The Mental Metal Trivia Show is a weekly 3 hour hard rock style show playing the best in Hard Rock, Glam, Hair Metal, AOR, and Melodic Rock music from the 70 to present. The show is now two years old with a loyal fan base. The show can be delivered in a variety of formats best suiting your needs as an affiliate.

2) The new show will be a 1 hour weekly show named LOVE BOMBS AND VERBAL NAPALM that will mix current events/music. The music will be a large range of stuff depending on the topics of the show. This will be a show that puts a new spin on the “political” talk format.

If you currently own/operate a radio station/network and might be interested in hosting either of these shows…or know of one that might be interested…contact me so we can make it happen. I’m extremely flexible and would love a chance to discuss what I can bring to your station or network.

Lastly, I’m tossing around ideas for logos. Look at these and let me know which of these you think is the best.

Future_Tattoo Lesson in Rocking Love Bomb 3 Love Bombs 2 Love Bombs MMTS Logo Template Music God Home 2 Music God Home verbalearthquake

Rich Antonelli – Voiceless CD Review

Rich Antonelli – Voiceless


1) The Beginning
2) Mechanical Presence
3) Brie’s Song
4) Hannah’s Song
5) Peaceful Sorrow
6) Giddy Up
7) Sat Night Serenade
8) Rattlesnake Stew
9) Groovy Tuesday
10) Afraid
11) Peace


Rich Antonelli – Guitars


While searching for new artists today, I came across guitarist Rich Antonelli. He was seeking people to review his new CD, Voiceless. Well, The Music God is always up for some new tunes so I jumped at the chance. It was during a subsequent chat that Rich told me about why he had recorded this CD. His cause immediately hit my heart strings and I knew this was a CD that I had to write about.

Rich recorded this CD as a way to raise funds and awareness for Children’s Hospital. His daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. 100% of sales of this release are being donated directly to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI. Having a daughter that was born with Trisomy 13 and received care before her death from Children’s Hospital here in Michigan, it makes it very personal to me as well.

Getting to the CD, I have to say, this is an extremely well balanced album. From the very beginning with the tune, “The Beginning”, you can tell that great care was taken with the songs and production. There’s a clarity and style here that works perfectly. This is an instrumental CD in the style of Eric Johnson, Steve Vai. Jason Becker, and the likes.

There’s an abundance of different styles at work here. You can hear the 80’s rock influence in the songs yet also the obvious influences from many hours of listening to the guitar masters. The rhythm section is precise and deep in the groove here. It works perfectly with the tunes without ever overpowering the melodies and hooks of the guitars.
Rich covers all the bases here. “Hannah’s Song” rocks out in that classic shredder style, “Peaceful Sorrow” is all about the groove, and “Saturday Night Serenade” would be perfect for a monster power ballad. “Rattlesnake Stew” has that Tora Tora style stomp with some Satch Boogie style shredding over the top. This whole CD is as well played and composed as anything that came out during the “Shredder Period” of the late 80’s/early 90’s.

While instrumental tunes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this is for an amazing cause and will fit nicely in any rock fans collection. This is a classic, well thought out, and produced slab of rock and roll.

Pick this up and feel good about yourself doing so. It’s for the kids, that’s all you need to know.



CJ “Music God” Plain


Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited II CD Review

Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited II
InsideOut Music


Disc 1

Chamber Of 32 Doors
Supper’s Ready
The Lamia
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Fly On A Windshield
Broadway Melody Of 1974
The Musical Box
Can-Utility And The Coastliners
Please Don’t Touch

Disc 2

Blood On The Rooftops
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Eleventh Earl Of Mar
Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers…
…In That Quiet Earth
A Tower Struck Down
Camino Royale
Shadow Of The Hierophant


Steve Hackett
(vocals, guitars, lyrics)
Nick Beggs
(Bass guitar, Chapman stick)
Dick Driver
(Double bass)
Roger King
(keyboards, programming)
Ferenc Kovacs

Guest vocalists include Steven Wilson, Mikael Akerfeldt, Simon Collins (Phil Collins’ son), Conrad Keely, Francis Dunnery, Neal Morse, John Wetton, Nad Sylvan and Nik Kershaw

There are also two other guitarists apart from Hackett, namely Steve Rothery of Marillion and Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings and Transatlantic.


I almost jumped out of my chair when I was presented a chance to review the new STEVE HACKETT CD, “Genesis Revisted II.” There are precious few bands that I hold in GODLIKE status but Genesis is one of them.

Steve has long been one of my favorite guitarists and songwriters. When I seen the track list for this, I was even more excited. Five of my very favorite Genesis tunes are included here.

“Genesis Revisited II”  is a massive 21 song, two CD set that runs a whopping 2 hours and 24 minutes. With a slew of guest vocalists throughout, including Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth, Steven Wilson of Storm Corrosion, Phil Collin’s son, Simon, and Nad Sylvan among many others.

There’s good news and then great news about this. The good news is that Steve has literally taken the original songs and reworked them in unimaginable ways. The great news is that each and every tune works in a majestic, brilliant way. His playing is as razor sharp as ever and there’s a reverence to these songs that shows just how much Steve loves these tunes. That reverence aside, he lets the music flow where it may, allowing the guest musicians to really shine.

While I understand that the pure scope of this may discourage some people from liking this, anyone that calls themselves a fan of prog rock or metal should absolutely have this in their collection. This has immediately jumped to the top of my list for this year and it’s going to take one hell of an effort to unseat this.




Ruinside – The Hunt CD Review

Ruinside – The Hunt
Mighty Music


1. The End (intro)
2. Shower of Accusations
3. Beware!
4. Hunters of Divine Society
5. Witch Hammer
6. Hide-And-Seek
7. Labyrinth of Silence
8. Wounded And Defeated
9. Within Hammer And Tongs
10. Beleaguered
11. T.O.R.T.U.R.E.
12. Forced Confession
13. Burst Into Flames


Toni Salminen – Vocals
Kimmo Jankkari – Rhythm Guitar & Growling
Erno Tarvainen – Lead Guitar
Lauri Aitonurmi – Bass
Timo Anttonen – Drums


Hello, my name is Music God and I am a thrash metal addict. Now that we have that out of the way, let me introduce you to the newest gem in my collection, RUINSIDE.

RUINSIDE has a new cd, “The Hunt” that is a fabulous, raging dose of old school thrash mixed with just a few hints of modern metalcore. The first time that I heard the CD, I was struck by how much the band reminded me of older Sacred Reich. Upon further listening, I also noticed a touch of Testament in their sound. This is a great thing in my book as I am a huge fan of both bands.

With songs like “Hunters Of Divine Society”, “Wounded and Defeated”, and “T.O.R.T.U.R.E.”, this band delivers a direct punch in the face. “The Hunt” is just huge sounding. It rips through your speakers like an freight train. This is just one bad ass album.

If you’re looking for a band that has re-written the music playbook, you won’t find that here. What you will find is superbly crafted tunes that rip your face off and satisfy that itch to just break stuff. There’s just nothing about this CD that does NOT work for me.




Bad Boy Eddy – Over The Top Review

Bad Boy Eddy – Over The Top
Demon Doll Records


1. Fever
2. She’s Gives Me A Feeling
3. I Don’t Want You
4. Super Sonic Freak
5. Living Lies
6. Funky Monkey
7. Rad Ruby
8. Teenage Sacrifice
9. Fly Away
10. Maker of Dreams


Eddie Vega – lead vocals
Dave Saker – lead guitar/vocals
Eddie Nixon – guitar
Tim Sanders – bass
Larry Bernal – drums


I’ve been telling people for a while now that hair metal is making a comeback. BAD BOY EDDY is a perfect example of the new wave of hair bands that are coming out and kicking ass. This band just out and out rocks. PERIOD.

BAD BOY EDDY harken you back to the hey days of Skidrow, Kix, and Steelheart. “Over The Top” embodies everything that was great about the hair band era: monster riffs, huge drums, thunderous bass riffs, and vocals that could melt the skin off your face. BAD BOY EDDY has hit a definite home run with this. This CD was named on a number of people’s Top 10 lists for 2012 and I couldn’t disagree with that at all.

Demon Doll Records has worked hard at building a roster of the best in Glam, Sleaze, and Hair Metal bands from both the past and present. They’ve acquired the rights to some of my very favorite artists from this genre and I’m extremely happy to see others working at keeping this music alive.

This one is a no brainer. Everyone needs that band that they can stick on at a party and just rock the rafters, this is THAT BAND! Break out the smoke machine, Aqua Net, and strobe lights!




Asylum Pyre Fifty Years Later CD Review

Asylum Pyre – Fifty Years Later
Massacre Records


01 – Will you believe me?
02 – Dead in Copenhagen
03 – The Frozen Will
04 – These Trees
05 – The Herd
06 – Fisherman’s Day
07 – Against the Sand
08 – Any Hypothesis
09 – Just Before the Silence
10 – Fifty Years Later


Vocals: Chaos Heïdi
Guitars/Vocals: Johann Cadot
Guitars: Hervé Schiltz
Bass: Julien Peuch
Keyboards: Tony Decaillon
Drums: Vince Kreyder


As a HUGE fan of Symphonic influenced metal bands, I was very pleased to discover ASYLUM PYRE. Immediately you get the comparisons to Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, and After Forever. ASYLUM PYRE is so much more though. The singing of Chaos Heidi takes “Fifty Years Later” to another level.

Tracks like “Dead In Copenhagen”, “These Trees”, and “Just Before The Silence” have dynamics not heard in any of the previously mentioned bands music. The tunes combine sweeping vocals with amazing guitar playing. What really stands out on “Fifty Years Later” though is the production. Bruno Gruel at Elektra Mastering has done a brilliant job with this. The sound is huge, crisp, and has all the right high and low ends. Hands down one of the best produced CD’s I’ve heard this past year.

If you’re a fan of music in this genre, this is a must have for your collection. If you’re not, this might be the CD that changes your mind. This is a masterful set of tunes that really showcase the band in a great way.




Adrenechrome – Hideous Appetite CD Review

Adrenechrome – Hideous Appetites


1. Titans Fall (3:18)
2. Six Guns (6:17)
3. The Horror (5:26)
4. Hymn For The Heathens (4:17)
5. Winds of The Void (5:01)
6. Locust Wings (4:26)
7. Hobbled (4:58)

Chris Friesen – Guitar, Vox.
Tim Kehoe – Guitars,
Matt Copeland – Drums,
Mike Van Dyke – Bass


After listening to ADRENECHROME for the first time last night, I let it set in my head over night to get the full weight of what they were doing on this CD. Upon a second listening, noticed lots of things that I missed the first time. The first thing you notice are the classic thrash elements that the band brings to the table. There’s a definite old school thrash feel here. Listen further though and you will also hear plenty of doom and stoner metal elements throughtout as well.

ADRENECHROME are a highly skilled and technically proficient band musically. The songs rage with great breakdowns yet are also layered with lots of crunch and have some tasty, jazz influenced solos throughout. The only thing that strikes me as a weakness here is that the vocals do not always work in places. Not to to take anything from the vocalist, he more than carries the record overall.

Overall, this is a great set of tunes that will go a longways towards establishing ADRENECHROME as a name to remember in the future. I highly recommend picking up a copy of “Hideous Appetites” and giving your speakers the workout they so rightfully deserve.